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        State Key Laboratory of enterprises in the field of Marine Biology

        On Sep.,2015 Qingdao Bright Moon State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Seaweed Substances was approved by State Technology Department.

        State Key Laboratory of Seaweed Fertilizers

        Qingdao Bright Moon was awarded the Key laboratory of the Ministry of agriculture’s Seaweed Fertilizer in January 2018.

        The state Enterprise Technology Center

        Zeng Chengkui, the father of the Chinese algal science, supported the "Bright Moon seaweed technology center", which was established and inscribed on 2000. It is the enterprise technology center of the seaweed industry. In 2006, it was awarded the "state enterprise technology center".

        National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center

        The National Research Center for Local Joint Engineering is a national platform for scientific research and development, engineering research and achievement transformation, which is organically linked up with the State Key Laboratory. 

        The National Research Center of Local Joint Engineering

        The national and local joint engineering research center of seaweed comprehensive utilization technology in Bright Moon Group will connect with the State Key Laboratory of Seaweed Active Substances, to carry out the key technology breakthrough, key technology test research, Relevant standards development, innovative talents training, and scientific and technological achievements around the comprehensive utilization of seaweed biological industry. And also provide technical services for the industry, and promote the transformation of basic research achievements to engineering technology and industrial applications.

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